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Pros and cons: the most popular diets (part 2)

Philosophers and doctors from different parts of the world used the term “Macrobiotics” to describe life in harmony with nature, on a simple, balanced diet. Products included in the Standard Macrobiotic Diet are:

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The most popular diets

Diet by blood type was developed by an American doctor of naturopathy, Peter D’Adamo. According to him, the determining factor in the choice of food is the person’s blood type.

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5 proven cosmetic procedures to prepare your body for the beach season

Laser hair removal, express peeling in the hammam, cold body wraps and other treatments that will help achieve a slim and smooth body in the shortest possible time.

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Whey protein

Whey protein is one of the most popular types of sports nutrition. Despite the prevalence, the number of myths about this product is constantly growing. Some beginners are convinced that this miracle powder will easily help them to obtain the desired shape and even prevent such unpleasant consequences of workouts as muscle pain. What is […]

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Stress of one partner leads to excess weight in another

As it turned out, it’s not the chocolates that affect the numbers on the scales, but the inner worries of our men. It seems that scientists have finally found the answer to the eternal question “Why I can not lose weight?”

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For the sake of her son, mother of three children lost 25 kg

The fight against obesity took nine months. The incentive not to give up was a phrase that her child accidentally said once.

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Plan of the post-holiday body unloading

Holiday feasts are gone, and now it’s time to get back into shape!

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Dietary fats in the child’s diet

Fat is an indispensable part of every diet. Fats have high-energy capabilities, as well as serve as a source of many essential biologically active substances (polyunsaturated fatty acids, fat-soluble vitamins) for the child’s body. Certain types of fats differ by their composition and nutritional value.

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Obesity prevention

Specialists involved in obesity treatment, and people who have ever attempted to get rid of extra pounds, well know how it is difficult to achieve the desired success.

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Is to correct to “not to eat after six pm”?

Why can you eat after six PM and not get fat: a new study that allows evening meals CAN YOU LOSE WEIGHT IF YOU DO NOT EAT ANYTHING AFTER SIX PM It turns out that there is no correlation between the time on the clock and the size of your butt. It is your daily [...]

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