Nutritionists claim that it is necessary to normalize metabolism in order to lose weight and to get a slim figure. After all, when metabolism is disturbed, the rate of all biological reactions in the body decreases.

Slowdown of biological processes inhibits the destruction of fat cells. Thus, when a person consumes high-calorie, fatty food, the body fat percentage gradually increases.

Does Duromine increase metabolism and burn fat?

For rapid weight loss, it is necessary to start a diet, which will help to stimulate metabolism. Together with a low-calorie diet, Duromine weight loss pills can be prescribed.

Duromine pills are prescribed as a short-term adjunct to a diet and physiotherapy. Duromine is prescribed to obese people with BMI above 30, as well as to patients with BMI greater than or equal to 25 (in case of concomitant diseases).

Weight loss pills Duromine help:

  • Reduce appetite
  • Accelerate metabolism
  • Destroy fat cells
  • Prevent weight regain

In order to increase metabolism, it is necessary not only to take Duromine slimming pills but also to move more. Metabolism rate in physically active people is significantly higher than in people leading a sedentary lifestyle. Physical activity is particularly important for obese people working in the office.

During the whole period of using Duromine weight loss capsules, it is necessary to limit the consumption of fat and simple carbohydrates, which reduce the rate of fat burning and contribute to weight gain. Low-fat protein foods (meat, eggs, milk) and cellulose (vegetables, fruits) help to increase the metabolism rate.

The increase of physical activity, balanced diet and Duromine slimming pills will help to create a negative energy balance in the body that promotes fat burning. Herewith, always remember that Duromine can be included in the weight loss program only in case if the benefit of its use exceeds the potential health risk.

If you have taken Duromine before, but it is no longer sold in your city, try to find Duromine slimming pills on online pharmacy. Please pay your attention to the fact that Duromine is available in the UK by prescription only.