nicotine patches

As you know, obesity provokes many other diseases (hypertension, diabetes mellitus or dyslipidemia) and worsens the overall health of a person. In fact, obesity is as harmful as smoking. The truth is that smoking causes high blood pressure, increasing the heart rate and provoking cancer.

Choosing between obesity treatment and smoking cessation, better choose the second one – quit smoking. It is no secret that smoking harms the human body even more than obesity does. According to statistics, the risk of heart attack and stroke is much higher from smoking, rather than from excessive weight.

However, many people are certain that smoking helps in preventing the progression of obesity. Therefore, obese people keep smoking even though they know that smoking poses a potential threat for their health.

Thousands of people use Duromine capsules for weight loss. Duromine is one of the brand names of known drug Phentermine, which has been used for losing weight since 1959.

Many smokers, who want to get rid of nicotine dependence, start taking Duromine (Phentermine) capsules in combination with transdermal nicotine patches. Anti-smoking therapy is recommended for smokers with established psychological and physical nicotine addiction.

Nicotine patches contain nicotine, which penetrates into the body through the skin. Transdermal patches gradually release minimal doses of nicotine. Hence, a sharp increase in blood nicotine level never occurs when using these patches.

Starting a treatment of nicotine dependence while being on anti-obesity therapy helps to effectively control the appetite and prevent overeating.

Nicotine patches have no impact on efficiency and safety of Duromine.


Therefore, those people, who use Duromine for weight loss, can start the nicotine dependence treatment at any stage of anti-obesity therapy.

If you have used slimming pills Duromine before, but they are no longer available in your city, you can order Duromine pills on online pharmacy. Price of Duromine at the UK online pharmacies depends on quantity of slimming pills you are ordering.