Steroids and steroid-like substances are potentially dangerous dietary supplements. National health systems (including MHRA) do not control the quality and safety of such nutritional supplements. Therefore, it is necessary to refuse to purchase it.

It is reliably known that bodybuilding products containing steroids or steroid-like substances can cause severe liver diseases, pulmonary hypertension, stroke, thromboembolism, renal failure.

Potentially dangerous bodybuilding products can be sold in the UK under the trade names:

MMA-3 Xtreme,

ESTRO Xtreme,



HMG Xtreme,

MASS Xtreme,

VNS-9 Xtreme,


Given that it is almost impossible to obtain a license for the retail sale of steroids, the manufactures of sports nutrition provide the opportunity to buy steroids online.

Many sportsmen use steroids in the combination with prescription weight loss drugs and thereby, they create more danger for their health. If steroids are used in the combination with Duromine pills, severe cardiovascular pathologies can develop in the sportsman.

men with steroids

Moreover, steroids contribute to the development of severe renal and hepatic failure, Duromine pills should not be taken if available these ailments. It is also important that steroids can cause pulmonary hypertension which is one of the contraindications to the Duromine use.

Before buying Duromine or steroids online, make sure that the use of these weight loss products will not create a potential threat to your health. We want to draw your attention to the fact that you can get a pharmacist’s qualified advice when buying Duromine in the UK.