Duromine weight loss drug is prescribed as a part of the plan to control body weight. This plan involves low-calorie diets and physiotherapy. Duromine is prescribed to people failed to control appetite on their own. Duromine slimming pills suppress the appetite, so people are getting easier to stick to diet.

Duromine slimming pills are indicated to people with BMI above 30. This weight loss drug can also be prescribed for people with BMI 25 or higher (only in the presence of comorbidities). Duromine appetite suppressant does not stimulate burning of fat cells, but helps to control the appetite and comply with hypocaloric diet.

Duromine and appetite control

People, who take Duromine, are recommended to keep a food diary. They should record all the food they eat throughout a day. A food diary helps to control the appetite and check out how many excess calories are consumed during the day.

Uncontrolled appetite leads to overeating and fast weight gain. Application of Duromine slimming pills allows to reduce the amount of consumed food and to refuse from snacking.

Within 12 weeks of regular intake of Duromine capsules combined with diet and physiotherapy, a man can lose up to 5-15% of extra weight. To keep a normal weight, it is recommended to stick to a diet and stay physically active even after Duromine withdrawal. Once the therapy with Duromine is over, patients should consume large amount of fruit, vegetables and cereals.

If you decide to use Duromine pills to control your appetite, you can order them online. Buying more than one package with Duromine in the UK, you can get a pack with these slimming pills for free.