Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) is an endocrine disease occurring in women. Often, PCOS is complicated by metabolic imbalance and increase in body mass. Therefore, many women with PCOS consider Duromine as a drug for a quick weight loss.

Some of the PCOS symptoms are in the list of contraindications to Duromine pills. These symptoms are:

  • High blood pressure
  • Formation of blood clots in blood vessels

If these PCOS symptoms appear, one should stop using Duromine pills.

Weight loss is among the stages of PCOS treatment. Complex therapy of obesity must contain special diets. Duromine drug suppresses appetite; therefore, a woman with PCOS can significantly reduce the caloricity of taken food. The use of Duromine capsules provides 5-15% of weight loss within just 3 months.

Duromine PCOS

Duromine PCOS

Duromine weight loss pills can be prescribed for women with PCOS, whose BMI is 30 and more. Sometimes, Duromine drug can be prescribed to women with BMI 27 to 30 (also with diabetes).

During the use of Duromine slimming drug, it is recommended to reduce the consumption of vegetable and animal fats. The lack of fats in food leads to more intensive burning of fat deposits. This is the main principle, all weight loss methods are based on (except for the surgical one).

Increasing physical activity also can enhance the efficiency of Duromine. Regular physical exercises improve metabolism and prevent formation of new fat tissues.

Duromine drug must be used with caution, if PCOS caused cardiovascular complications. Timely diagnosis and treatment of PCOS helps to prevent weight gain and reduces the risk of complications.

In the USA, Duromine pills are not available. Therefore, if you want to buy Duromine in the USA, you can try to find these diet pills on online pharmacies. Please note that Duromine pills are sold at pharmacies by prescription only.