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Many obese people choose Duromine weight loss drug for losing weight. This drug is prescribed to people, whose Body Mass Index is over 30, as well as to those with BMI 25 with concomitant diseases (diabetes mellitus, cholecystitis). Duromine anorexigenic drug is prescribed as a short-term adjunct to weight control programs that consist of diet and physiotherapy.

Acting on the CNS, Duromine reduces appetite and increases satiety. As a result of Duromine intake, a person needs minimal food to still hunger.

Apart from the advantages, Duromine has some disadvantages. Headache is one of them. In the first week of using Duromine capsules, a patient may have a slight headache, which gradually decreases and soon completely disappears.

If a person experiences headaches frequently throughout the entire anti-obesity therapy, he may use some analgesic drugs (painkiller) to block the pain. Usually, analgesic Mersyndol is prescribed in addition to Duromine therapy.

Mersyndol medication is prescribed for a temporal relief of headache and tension headache. In addition, Mersyndol is prescribed to relieve moderate to severe toothache, as well as pain from injuries or surgeries. Due to its calming effect, Mersyndol is administered to relieve migraine attacks.

Mersyndol is a combined analgesic, containing:

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Duromine and Mersyndol drug interaction has not been studied. However, regular use of Mersyndol and Duromine increases the risk of drug dependence, because Mersyndol contains opioid Codeine.

Just as Duromine, Mersyndol can cause dry mouth, nausea, diarrhea and dizziness. After the intake of Duromine along with Mersyndol, the risk of these side effects increases.

If concomitant use of Duromine and Mersyndol analgesic cause severe side effects, inform your physician. If you decided to buy Duromine online without prescription and you are going to use this slimming medicine together with painkiller, ask the pharmacist some questions before placing the order. Purchasing slimming capsules Duromine in the UK, you also get a professional pharmacist’s advice for free.