Stress of one partner

As it turned out, it’s not the chocolates that affect the numbers on the scales, but the inner worries of our men. It seems that scientists have finally found the answer to the eternal question “Why I can not lose weight?”

And the reason is not skipping a gym training or a cupcake you that was tempting you in the confectionery showcase. It all has to do with the inner worries of our second half.

The number on the scales does not move? Then you should take a look at beloved and think what is pressing so hard upon him. Mortgage, the reprimand of his boss or, perhaps, the lack of dinner?

Understanding his complex inner world is more important than ever! After all, scientists found a direct link between the stress of the second half and the figure on the scales.

Not to be unfounded, scientists from the University of Michigan held a study. Namely, they watched the state of health of women in the United States of America, whose husbands were experiencing a stressful condition at that time.

It turned out that 70% of the subjects had problems with excessive body weight. As soon as husbands found a solution, suddenly cheer up or simply please their beloved with flowers, the indicator of scales immediately crawled down.


However, this is not the only research concerning our daily nutrition. Other scientists at the same time found out that “cheap food causes guilt”. Of course, this belief is very a doubtful one.

After all, what could be better than a tasty and cheap lunch? But no, scientists rely on facts in this case, as well. Participants in the study were offered to dine in a classy Italian restaurant for two weeks.

For one group of respondents, food was more expensive than usually, and for the other – it was cheaper. It turned out that the joy of a tasty and cheap dinner was experienced by few people.

They began feeling ashamed of indulging with healthy food. How come? We would definitely love that.